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The brand "Russian Olive" was created in June 2005. For more than 15 years, Russkaya Oliva has been a leading producer of amaranth oil and other products of amaranth culture processing in the Russian Federation.

The company has the rights to many unique inventions in the production of products from amaranth and its use in the field of wellness, treatment, cosmetology. Russkaya Oliva is the only producer of amaranth oil in the territory of the Russian Federation, which has its own scientific laboratory, conducts research and research in terms of creating innovative technologies for processing amaranth raw materials, creating new products with unique properties and characteristics. Russkaya Oliva cooperates with leading scientific schools of the Russian Federation and foreign countries in the research of new properties of amaranth oil and the creation of new products. At the moment, we produce and sell amaranth seeds, as well as amaranth processing products - amaranth oil, amaranth flour, bread, bran, amaranth confectionery. All products of Russian Oliva LLC are produced using a patented technology and only from environmentally friendly raw materials obtained in the Central Black Earth region of Russia.