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The Voronezh scientific and Production enterprise "Russian Olive" LLC was established in June 2005. Field of activity: the study of non-traditional agricultural crops in Russia and the creation of new technologies for their processing.

The company has developed and implemented complex technologies for the production and processing of a new crop for our country — amaranth. For the first time, amaranth oil, which is a source of a valuable biologically active compound — squalene, and amaranth flour were obtained by pressing.

There is no production of protein products using similar technologies in Russia.

Due to its biological characteristics, amaranth is more interesting than its closest competitor – soy, and the production of protein products from amaranth is less expensive than from soy. At the same time, the main competitive advantages of amaranth protein concentrates are their naturalness and a more balanced amino acid composition.

The innovative nature of the research carried out and the technologies implemented is confirmed by ten patents, including patents for new methods of processing seeds, which are used to produce amaranth oil, flour and amaranth cake.

Our company has developed and patented a full cycle, starting from seed production, cultivation, scientific support for agricultural technology, manufacturing of processing equipment to recipes for preparing food products from amaranth flour (bread, bakery and confectionery products, cereals, etc.), oil, without the use of chemical technologies, a protein concentrate of protein is obtained, which is superior in quality to plant analogues. The study of scientific and practical issues of the use of amaranth as a food crop in the Central Black Earth region became possible with the active work of leading educational institutions in Voronezh.

Our promising developments:

high-protein (up to 35% protein) amaranth flour, which in terms of the balance of amino acids, the content of calcium and other macro-and microelements necessary for a person can compete with the world's famous protein products;
extruded gluten-free products from amaranth-bread and other functional food products. New products obtained from amaranth were studied by scientific institutions, including the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Russia). The research results indicate the high nutritional and pharmacological value of these products.