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Amaranth oil squalene 6%

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Amaranth seed oil is a new functional food product. Pressed, first cold-pressed amaranth oil is produced according to the original technology created and patented by the scientific and production enterprise "Russian Olive". It has bactericidal, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, regenerative and antitumor properties, and is effective as an additional food for chemotherapy.

  • Category:Cold-pressed oil
  • Объем:100 ml


Amaranth oil is unique due to its high SQUALENE content! Squalene is a regulator of the most important metabolic processes in the body!

Squalene-raw material for the synthesis of hormones!
Squalene-normalizes cholesterol levels!
Squalene-protects the body's cells from toxins!
Squalene-has antitumor properties!
Squalene-has a pronounced immunomodulatory effect!
Squalene-helps in recovery after chemotherapy sessions!

Vitamin E-the second most important component of amaranth oil, it is necessary for a person, especially in old age:

to normalize the work of the heart;
improving cholesterol balance;
improving the elasticity of the vessel walls;
significantly reduce the risk of blood clots;
as an antioxidant for the prevention of cancer.

Amaranth oil is characterized by a high concentration of phospholipids, which:

they are an important part of the cell membranes contained in the nervous tissue;
promote digestion and proper fat metabolism;
they have a pronounced function of protecting the liver;
due to their antioxidant properties, they counteract the development of atherosclerosis and the appearance of tumors.

The oil contains other biologically active compounds: Phytosterols-structural elements of all cell membranes, an essential material for the formation of hormones, vitamins, bile acids; phytosterols play an important role in reducing the level of LDL cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol) in the blood. Carotenoids-have a variety of mechanisms of action, the most important of which is their antioxidant activity; reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular and oncological diseases. The complex of active ingredients makes amaranth oil an effective natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of heart and vascular diseases, atherosclerosis, diabetes, metabolic disorders and other diseases. Amaranth seed oil has passed clinical trials, recommended by the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (protocol No. 10 of 25.11. 2005). Unrefined amaranth oil is not recommended to heat, it is better to fill it with a ready-made dish. Store the oil in a dark, cool place.

CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR USE: individual intolerance to the product. Amaranth oil is used in medicine in combination with traditional treatment regimens. It significantly reduces the manifestation of side effects after the use of medications.

STORAGE CONDITIONS AND RELEASE FORMS: At a storage temperature of no more than 10 degrees - 1 year. Store in a tightly closed dark container, it is recommended in the refrigerator. After opening, it is recommended to use the oil for a month. Keep away from heat and light. The oil is easily oxidized, so it is necessary to protect it from exposure to light and air.