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The omega version for the heart


  • Category:Natural Oil Kits
  • Объем:3 × 100 ml


The complex of vegetable oils "Variant Omega for the heart" is recommended for the prevention and dietetics of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Its components complement and strengthen each other, purposefully affect the organs and systems of our body that need correction or treatment.

The set includes three oils: Olive-amaranth oil, linseed oil, sesame oil.

Olive-amaranth oil. A new functional food product. It is produced according to the original technology developed by Russian Olive LLC. The value of the oil is given by the squalene contained in amaranth and olive oils, and tocopherols, which protect our cells from destruction by free radicals. It has a high biological activity: it normalizes the lipid (fat) metabolism and the level of cholesterol in the blood serum and liver, has antioxidant properties. Amaranth oil has passed clinical trials and is recommended by the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Protocol No. 10 of November 25, 2005) for use in the therapeutic and preventive nutrition of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Linseed oil is a traditional remedy of Russian folk medicine. Its useful properties are confirmed by the data of modern science about the metabolic processes occurring in the human body. A record holder among food products in the amount of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega 3 class, which enter the body only with food. The lack of this compound leads to a violation of lipid (fat) metabolism, atherosclerosis and other disorders in the work of our body.

Sesame oil - has been used in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East since time immemorial. Avicenna wrote about sesame (sesame) oil in his writings. This oil is an essential attribute of traditional Chinese medicine. Sesame oil contains sesamol – the strongest natural antioxidant that protects our body from chain reactions of oxidation of cell membranes. It also contains a lot of calcium (protects against osteoparosis), PUFA, phospholipids and other biologically active compounds.